Awakening to the Nature of the Mind. Retreat, Wilga, May 2024

Awakening to the Nature of the Mind This teaching retreat will focus on awakening to awareness and we will use the text The Direct Indication of Buddhahood beyond Classification which is a treasure text revealed by CR Lama’s first incarnation, Nuden Dorje. It is Chapter 8 in the book Simply Being.  The revised version of the text (in Polish and […]

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Retreat: Opening to our open source. Kraków, 2022

Opening to our open source: living with wisdom and kindness. Awakening to the simplicity of moment by moment experience. James Low Includes a commentary on various verses in the book Being Right Here 23-25 Sep 2022 Kraków, Poland Teaching Weekend. Retreat: This event were organised by Patrycja Żyła and the Polish translator is Bartek Czajkowski. Recorded by Robert Hnat. Download […]

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Love and impermanence. Warsaw, 2019

James Low Love and impermanence: from grasping and attachment to simply seeing and appreciating Teaching weekend, Warsaw, 14-15 December 2019 Transcribed by Anna Aly Labana and Paula Aranibar. Read and download the transcript You can listen to the audio here. Extract   The drama of romantic love: it’s not that we shouldn’t fall in love, some of us can’t help […]

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