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In May James will be teaching in Wilga and Seville. In July he will be teaching in Berghof. The dates are confirmed and the initial details are up on the website.  Full details will follow, including where/how to register.

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Limitation is a Dream within the Ever-Open. Seville, May 2024

Limitation is a Dream within the Ever-Open This short retreat will focus on the Aspiration of Samantabhadra, a famous text which clarifies the nature of the primordial ground and the two paths which arise from it. These are the paths of confusion and limitation and the path of liberation. There will be a clear introduction to the nature of the […]

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The Mirror of luminous revelation, Aracena, 2016

This text comes from Nuden Dorje, the first incarnation of my own teacher, C R Lama. We believe that Nuden Dorje was himself an incarnation of one of the close disciples of Padmasambhava, and that Padmasambhava came directly from the pure heart of Amitabha.
Buddhist texts often include a history of how the text arose, from whom, where and when. To say that a text came directly from Padmasambhava or from the mind of another great teacher, what does this mean? Why should we trust it? Who should we trust? You come here and I am telling you a lot of things. Why should you trust me? If you trust there is a chance you will be cheated, but if you don’t trust it’s difficult to proceed.

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Awakening to awareness. Seville, 2019

  James Low Seville 28 Feb – 3 March 2019 Awakening to awareness. James taught from the terma “Don Sal Melong” by Nuden Dorje published in Being Right Here. You can watch the video recordings at Download the audio files here Spanish and English. Spanish translation by Juan Bautista

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