The Heart of Dzogchen. Eifel, Oct 2012

Teaching and commentary by James Low

on the Tibetan text by Ayu Khandro called Record of the heartfelt advice of the dakini, Indestructible Glorious Lamp.

Eifel Retreat, Germany. 11-14 October 2012.

Read the Tibetan text translated in various languages Ayu Khandro’s Heartfelt Advice

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…If you have a child’s spinning top, and keep spinning it, then it will keep going round and round. After a while it slows down and wobbles and gets ready to fall over, so you spin it some more. If you don’t keep making it spin, it will stop spinning and fall over. Duality is the way in which we keep spinning the wheel of samsara. We keep spinning by investing energy into phenomena. That is what stops the experience of the self-liberation, however if you just leave it, it will be what it is and it won’t last forever…

… If you look back in your life, how many things have you grasped at that you thought would be the one thing that you really need? It didn’t work then and it never will work. Samsara is the environment created by the busyness of always seeking the wrong solution to the problem. Ignorance is the misunderstanding of what the basic problem is: that we just don’t wake up to where we are…

…Awareness is the light of the ground – the energy of the dharmadhatu – the energy of the basic nature illuminating experience. What is experience? It is the movement of that energy and so the ground and the movement of the energy are inseparable, just as the mirror and the reflection are inseparable…

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