Ayu Khandro’s heart-felt advice

“The Record of the Heart-felt Advice of the Dakini, Indestructible Glorious Lamp” translated from the Tibetan into various languages

James has taught on this text by the Tibetan yogini, Ayu Khandro (also spelled Ayo Khandro),  in various countries at various times (see below).

Read the Tibetan text
Read the text in English.

The English text is included in Finding Freedom: Texts from the Theravadin, Mahayana and Dzogchen Buddhist traditions by James Low,  published in 2019 by Wandel Verlag and available here.

You can listen to James teaching on this text in the Eifel in 2012 and in  Oxford in 2019.

Read the text in French, translated from English by Martine Widmer and Manon Widmer.

Read the text in German, translated from English by Robert Jaroslawski.
You can listen here to James teaching on this in Todtmoos in 2012 with German translation.

Read the text in Italian, translated from English by Giovanna Santoro.
James will be teaching on this in Italy later in 2017

Read the text in Polish, translated from English by Dariusz Misiuna.
You can listen here to James teaching on this text in Warsaw in 2013 with Polish translation.

Read the text in Portuguese , translated from English by João Vale Neto.

Read the text in Spanish, translated from English by Mariana Orozco.

Here you can watch James teaching on this in Seville in 2017,  with Spanish translation.

Read the text in Turkish translated from English by Mustafa Mert Çelebi.


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