Question and Answer Q & A Zoom Sessions. Kindle ebooks

During the lockdown of COVID-19 James Low began a series of Question and Answer sessions on Zoom. Lockdown began in March 2020.  His students sent in questions about their meditation practice, about their understanding of Dzogchen, about Buddhism in general, and about Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism in particular. Their questions and his responses are in this book.

Thinking that other Buddhist practitioners may have similar questions these Zoom sessions are made accessible on Youtube, with the help of Pedro Gomes.  Then Stuart Zinski came up with the proposal to prepare these Q&A sessions in a series of EPUB files, grouping 5 Q&A Zoom sessions together in date order. Ruth Rickard is helping prepare the text.

EPUB files can be read in a variety of ways. One way is using them to make Amazon Kindle ebooks.  You can keep up to date with all the Kindle e-books here as they become available. The list includes the Q&A ebooks. As at September 2023 there are 2 Q&A ebooks covering sessions 1-5 and 6-10.

The live Q&A Zoom sessions include translations into some or all of these languages: German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. They can be watched on Youtube at (

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