The Heart of the matter is the open mind. Oxford, 2018

James Low Teaching weekend: The heart of the matter is the open mind Lady Margaret College, Oxford. 1-2 Dec 2018 Organised by Giovanni Maschio Recorded by Tim Stone Although we rely on our mind in every aspect of our lives, the mind itself is rarely the focus of our interest and attention. Meditation is a simple yet profound way to get to […]

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Meditation in daily life. Tenerife, 22-24 March 2015

James Low Teaching retreat: Integrating meditation with all the activities we engage in. Meditation promotes calm clarity which allows us to see and appreciate the richness of the world we inhabit. We explore the dzogchen buddhist view of life and practise meditation together. Read the transcript or download it here. Listen to the audio in English and Spanish here. Read the […]

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