Retreat: Our Self-Liberating Mind, 04-06. November 2022 Oxford UK

4-6 Nov 2022, UK (Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall College) Organised by Gio Maschio Recorded by Gareth Williams Our Self-Liberating Mind As people in a complex world, we often struggle to free ourselves from habits, situations, beliefs, organisations and so on. As subjects, we are entangled in a world of objects that both support and constrain us. From the point of […]

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7 Line Prayer: recitation and visualisation

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche has composed a text which James recommends to us as being helpful for our visualisation when reciting the Seven Line Prayer. He explains the symbolism for each of the three recitations according to the Changter tradition. The Khordong lineage is closely linked to the Changter tradition and CR Lama was a lineage holder of both.

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