Retreat: Our Self-Liberating Mind, 04-06. November 2022 Oxford UK

4-6 Nov 2022, UK (Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall College)

Organised by Gio Maschio
Recorded by Gareth Williams

Our Self-Liberating Mind

As people in a complex world, we often struggle to free ourselves from habits, situations, beliefs, organisations and so on. As subjects, we are entangled in a world of objects that both support and constrain us. From the point of view of the dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism subject and object, self and other are born together and so our ego self will not be able to break free no matter how hard we try.
Our own mind, however, is itself intrinsically free of all limitations. The path to freedom is not about struggle. Rather we learn to make friends with our own intrinsic presence, collaborating with the actual so that our reliance on the imagined can fade away. Our own mind is inherently self-liberating…we simply need to open to it as it is.

Self-Liberating Knowing, a short text by Patrul Rinpoche, will provide a structure for our enquiry.

Download the audio files here

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