The Integrity of the Dharma, Todtmoos 2014

The Integrity of the Dharma Todtmoos, June 2014

English and German
Translated by Robert Jaroslawski

“The Integrity of the Dharma”. Dharma is a means to recognise the non-dual integration of all experience.
However Dharma itself can appear fragmented according to schools, levels of practice and so on.
We will look at the link between impermanence, emptiness, the two truths, samsara and nirvana, and intrinsic purity and spontaneous expression.
The Dharma itself is beyond language and concept yet each of these key concepts can be a doorway to our own actual presence.
Reference will be made to the Heart Sutra, to Patrul Rinpoche’s text on the Two Truths and to Patrul Rinpoche’s Commentary on the Three Statements of Garab Dorje, both of which are chapters in my book, “Simply Being”

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