Dissolving the root of conflict and war. Emerson College, UK. 2017

James Low
Emerson College, East Sussex, UK. July 13-16, 2017
Dissolving the root of conflict and war: the focus was on letting go of dualistic structures and judgement. In these troubled times we need to take peace as a practice.

This annual camping retreat in  the grounds of Emerson College in East Sussex  is organised by Huw Wyn.

James begins by saying that we live in very troubled times and that over the next few days we will explore useful ways to participate in the world so that we reduce the amount of tension and anxiety we feel and promote a sense of peace.This retreat is one of the ‘Into the Wild’ gatherings which Huw organises in East Sussex and we are indeed going to go ‘into the wild’ because the wildest thing we will ever encounter is our own mind! And this is what we will be encountering here.


Recorded by Gareth Williams and processed by Wendy.

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