Love and compassion. Emerson College, 2018

James Low
Emerson College, East Sussex, UK. June 14-17, 2018

Love and compassion are the sweet breath of non-duality: The openness of non-duality underlies every aspect of our life experience and yet it is hidden by our busy attempts to improve our situation. Meditation as a way of loosening the bonds of duality will be the central practice.

This annual camping retreat in  the grounds of Emerson College in East Sussex  is organised by Huw Wyn.

Recorded by Jennifer Lewis and Wendy
Sound improvement Gary Crowne and Wendy.

‘wendy writes:
…in the first mp3 at 42’22” the word ‘ceases’ should be heard as ‘ceaselessly’.
…there is more background noise than usual in some parts as these recordings are a ‘rescue compilation’, partly taken from from a recorder among the audience, and although i’ve put quite some effort into the task, cleaning up that sound mixed with speech is not so easy, but it does get better!’

Download the audio files here

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