Illusion, delusion, confusion. Vienna, Jan 2020

James Low

Weekend retreat,10-12 Jan 2020.
Qigong Kleinowitz Center, Vienna.

Illusion, delusion, confusion

We have so many experiences in life. This is possible because our mind is intrinsically open and hospitable to each new moment. Yet this openness is hidden for us by our own involved busyness. Engaged in the never-ending task of self-delusion we impede the unimpeded and obscure the unobscured. To release ourselves from these self-defeating habits would make a good New Year’s resolution for each of us!

German and English

Organised by Johannes Kleinowitz
Audio recording by Martin Hantsch
German Translation by Taisha Lohninger

Video Recording by Johannes Kleinowitz

Read the transcript by Kate Egetmeyer

Here you can play and download the audio records.

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