The Song of the Cuckoo. Gutenstein (Austria) 2012

The world as the creative expression of emptiness

6-10 June 2012

Teaching retreat organised by Sylvester and Li Lohninger at Maitreya Institute.

James Low taught on a short text by Vairocana called “The Song of the Cuckoo” [The Cuckoo’s cry heralding the good fortune of glorious presence].

The infinite diversity of experiences and their actual nature are non-dual. Yet the actuality of each particular occurence is beyond judgement. What is known ‘as it is’ is untouched by thought. Yet the forms of appearance are unobstructed, being complete as they are. Being intact we are free of the sickness of effort, Spontaneously abiding and so everything is settled.

Translated by Sylvester Lohinger
English and German

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