Me First! An account of the rise of the Wrathful Buddhas

Me first! An account of the rise of the Wrathful Buddhas.

James Low

(Simply Being, UK, 2022)  ISBN: 9780956923981


Text by James Low. Illustrations by Diana Collins.

This is a traditional Tibetan epic tale of the havoc created by the arrogant  entitlement that proclaims, “Me first!”.  When pride turns demonic, the Buddhas manifest many faces of kindness (both peaceful and wrathful) to tidy up the mess.

The text by James Low is based on the Padma bKa’-Thang by Padmasambhava and revealed by the terton, Urgyen gLing-Pa.

For the full translation of the original Tibetan text see Facet 4 (Getting Lost Invites Trouble), in This is it: revealing the great completion. James Low. (Simply Being, UK, 2020) ISBN: 978-0956923974.



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