Aspiring for the Truth of Mahamudra. Prayer by Rangjung Dorje, the 3rd Karmapa

James Low gave a weekend of Zoom teachings on this prayer on 3-4 Dec 2022. For the teaching the prayer was translated into Portuguese and Polish since his book Sweet Simplicity has not been translated into these languages.

This prayer is Section 3 of the book Sweet Simplicity.

  • Robert Jaroslawski has translated Sweet Simplicity into German as Einfach so… (Khampa Verlag Freiburg und Eckernförd, 2022) ISBN: 978-3-9805251-6-9.
  • Mariana Orozco has translated Sweet Simplicity into Spanish as Maravillosa simplicidad. (Simply Being Kindle paperback and e-book, 2022) ISBN 978-1739938161.

The English Mahamudra Aspiration prayer is here. Sweet Simplicity Section 3 Mahamudra Aspiration of Rangjung Dorje.

The Portuguese Mahamudra Aspiration is here. Aspiração Mahamudra

The Polish Mahamudra Aspiration is here. Mahamudra-Monlam-Rangjung-Dorje-Polish-BC-04 12 2022

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