The Open Door of Emptiness

The Open Door of Emptiness: a collection of public talks and teachings

James Low

(Simply Being, UK, May 2023)
Kindle Paperback ISBN: 978-1739938178. 
Kindle ebook ASIN: B0C5S9YN3V


Although the word ‘emptiness’ may seem a bit intimidating, in the Buddhist traditions it is the key to freedom. Our mind is intrinsically empty of self and any fixed or defining content. We are not defined by anything which has occurred, that is occurring now, or will even occur in the future. Being empty of fixed content allows us to open to all that occurs without being trapped in reactivity. By resting in the intrinsic openness of our mind it becomes clear that we are not a thing amongst things. The sky-like openness of our mind as it is neither grasps at arisings nor effortfully discards them. No occurrence can touch or affect the mind as it is. Occurrences do contact and impinge on patterns of interpretation and identification that we, as ego-selves, have come to rely on.

By opening to our own unborn openness we are freed from the delusion that our transient patterning points to the truth of who we are. The chapters in this book offer fresh ways of viewing our situation so that we can awaken to our true essence and to freedom.

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