This Is It: Revealing The Great Completion

James Low

(Simply Being, UK, 2021)

Hardcover ISBN 978-0956923974

Kindle ebook ASIN: ‎ B098B6M2XC

“The texts in This Is It were all translated while I was living with CR Lama in Santiniketan, West Bengal. It has taken over forty years for many of them to see the light of day. During that time they have been revised and refined and now is the time to make them available. The arrangement of the texts is designed to promote a direct encounter with the development of the depth and focus of Buddhist teaching.
Whether we see this development as a range of compassionate responses to the wide range of interest and capacity exhibited by sentient beings or as an evolutionary enrichment based on overcoming embedded limitations and responding to new situations, the range of views and practices is intriguing and inspiring.
The image on the cover points to the heart of this book. A naked girl is dancing: the forever-uncovered illuminating wisdom is always in play. Naked, raw, fresh, unprocessed, virgin, free and carefree, the truth of each sentient being is not other than this ceaseless innocent dancer, the inseparability of primordial purity and immediate presence.”

Each section of the book leads into the next, showing how, by peeling away our habitual assumptions and projections, we can directly encounter the intrinsic purity of our own mind. “This is it”, Dzogchen, the great completion.

The first facet, One Thing Leads to Another, offers sutra texts on dependent origination. The second, Increased Transparency, includes the Heart Sutra and indicates that all phenomena, whether seemingly outer or inner, subject or object, are empty and devoid of inherent existence. This leads onto the third facet of the book, Encountering the Other, the story of how the Buddha Chakrasamvara manifested in order to deal with cruelty and malicious behaviour. The fourth Facet, Getting Lost Invites Trouble, offers two accounts of how pride and self-confidence can lead a person astray so that their provocations lead to a display the Buddhas’ wrathful power, enforcing transformation and the abrupt end to the careers of heartless bullies.

Next, in the fifth facet, we see how transformation can be elective rather than imposed. Cutting Free begins with the story of Machig Labdron, her struggle to free herself from social constraints so that she could pursue a life in dharma. There is a short guru yoga practice and her Chöd practice, The Dakinis’ Laughter. Finally in facet six, Just This is The Cuckoo Cry, the foundational text of the dzogchen mind series. In just three couplets it sets out the view, meditation and activity which are the inseparability of primordial purity and instant presence.


This has been translated into Polish by Jan Szlagowski as To Jest To and published by Konrad Switała who has had 50 copies printed (August 2023). Details how how to buy it are here: This is It – James Low | Warszawa | Kup teraz na Allegro Lokalnie

Facet 1. One Thing Leads to Another 1
Dependent origination. Introduction 3
The Sutra Teaching Dependent Arising Basis and Progression 15
The Mahayana Sutra on Dependent Arising 19
The Heart of Dependent Origination, Verse and Commentary 21
The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination 29
The Wheel of Life 55
The Twelve Links and the Cycle of Years 61
Facet 2. Increased Transparency 63
Introduction 65
Emptiness 71
The Heart Sutra 79
Facet 3. Encountering the Other 97
Introduction 99
The Emanation of Sri Chakra Samvara and the Names of the Twenty-four Sites 103
Facet 4. Getting Lost Invites Trouble 127
Introduction 129
Prayers to Padmasambhava 139
The Origin of Heruka’s Fierce Form and Ornaments 143
Pride Takes a Fall, eventually 195
My Way 202
Pride and Prejudice 212
Transformation 223
Facet 5. The Ego dissolves 229
Introduction 231
The Secret Biography of Machig Labdron 234
Guru Yoga of Machig Labdron 253
Cutting Free 264
Chod Practice. The laughter of the Dakinis 277
Becoming Chenrezi. Introduction 316
Becoming Chenrezi. Practice 319
Facet 6. Just This 327
Introduction 329
The Cuckoo’s Cry Heralding the Good Fortune of Glorious Presence 334
Gifting Merit 337
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