Eifel Retreat Autumn 2001

The Integration of stillness and movement: the approach of different buddhist paths The recordings of the Eifel retreat held in October 2001 are available in three parts, which you can listen to directly on the player below. Read an extract from the retreat on Dang-wa, Rol-Pa and Tsal Read an extract from the retreat about The four basic reflections (Lo […]

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Evening talk. Cologne, June 2001

James Low Köln, 24th June 2001 German and English Digitised, edited and sound improved by Wendy. The first few minutes were not recorded. It starts in the middle of James teaching on a refuge and bodhisattva vow prayer which the group then recites. SANG GYE CHÖ DANG SOG GYI CHÖ NAM LA CHANG CHUB BARDO DAG NYI CHUB SU CHI […]

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Untitled. Sharpham Devon, 2000

Sharpham Trust, Totnes Devon UK on 17- 20th Feb 2000 These recordings were remastered and edited from a set of tapes by Wendy. There are 17 mp3s (about 25 mins each) Contents include:- 9 – Exploring taking refuge, singing refuge and Phat! practice 10 – The key shift in identification 12 – Becoming an effortlessly good person 15 – Breath control […]

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