Eifel Retreat Autumn 2019

The Happy Twins Dzogchen and Mahamudra are harmoniously complementary. Their evocative styles offer us beautiful metaphors which can sweetly and poetically ease us out of our rigid concepts. The retreat was focussed on two texts, the Mirror of Luminous Revelation, a dzogchen treasure text from Nuden Dorje Drophen Lingpa Drolo Tsal, and the Mahamudra Upadesha by Tilopa. The Nuden Dorje […]

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Mindfulness, contact and healing in psychotherapy, 2019

The key focus of this short piece is an initial exploration of the synergy between mindfulness and contact in the practice of psychotherapy. Here the term mindfulness is used to indicate a state of conscious attention: one intentionally attends to what is occurring.

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Meditation im Alltag. Teneriffa 2015

James Low Teneriffa, 22-24 Marz 2015 Retreat: Meditation integrieren mit all den Aktivitäten, denen wir uns widmen. Meditation befördert eine ruhige Klarheit, die uns ermöglicht, die Fülle der Welt zu schätzen, in der wir leben. Wir untersuchen den dzogchen-buddhistischen Blick auf das Leben und praktizieren gemeinsam Meditationen. Transcription Lea Pabst Revision Barbara Terris Translation into German A. Bihler Auszug … […]

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