Meditation and psychotherapy. Public Talk. Lisbon, 2020

James Low
Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal 2020
Transcribed by Rob Dowling
Edited by Barbara Terris

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 There are hundreds of different styles of psychotherapy now and the word ‘meditation’ also covers many different approaches. Both have a spectrum with more knowledge-seeking approaches on one side and more attention on the immediate experience on the other side…

…If meditation is used as a holiday from life then it may have benefits such as reducing anxiety or increasing wellbeing, but that’s all. If, however, you can bring an open presence into every situation then you can be connected with the whole of life. The mood of what is around you then becomes your ally and you take your place in the world as a participant. You start on the inside…

…If we fashion our mind to be like a private garden in which we want to have flowers and no weeds then we are always going to be kept busy tending it. For the meditator weeds are welcome to come… coming in the night-time floating in on the breeze…

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