What is Dzogchen? James Low interviewed by Guido Ferrari. Todtmoos, 2006

Saying the unsayable: Transcript of a video interview by Guido Ferrari. The first question is “What is Dzogchen?” June 2006, Todtmoos, GermanyTranscribed by Daniel Beierstettel Excerpts • The point of view of dzogchen is to recognize that the ground of all of our thought, feeling, sensation, activity, is a state of open relaxation, a state of presence – that is […]

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Video records with German [EN/DE] translation

All YouTube videos are here summarized as playlists.Click on the link “Play Video” to watch the recordings.Some playlists are very large, so please be patient while loading… Illusion, delusion, confusion [EN/DE] Vienna, January 2020 Dissolving obstacles to living the dzogchen view, [EN/DE] November 2019 Letting the mind settle [EN/DE] Todtmoos, June 2019 The evolution of delusion within unchanging openness [EN/DE] […]

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Easy does it. Todtmoos, 2009 and 2010

These are teachings given in Freiburg and Todtmoos during  12-14 June 2009 and 11-12 June 2010. James explains and comments on Patrul Rinpoche Brief and an Extended Commentaries on Garab Dorje’s “Three Essential Points”, translated later as “Three Statements that Hit the Key Points” and often by others as “Hitting the essence in three words”. This text was prepared by […]

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