Summer Retreat: Finding the source of infinite love. Sussex, 2022

Finding the source of infinite love.

James Low

Chiddinglye Estate, West Hoathly East Grinstead, Sussex, UK

28-31 July 2022

The publicity for the retreat said that: “… we will practise seeing the illusory nature of the limiting concepts which situate us in partiality. In this way we will open ourselves to the infinite expanse of inclusive awareness and thereby free our compassion to flow as required. Crises tend to increase the polarisation of positions and so if we support one side we are likely to be against the other side. War intensifies this even more as each side makes their own non-negotiable judgments about who and what is good or bad. Loving our friends and hating our enemies will not liberate us from the structure of conflict. However we can free ourselves from this either/or dichotomy by looking within and finding in our hearts  the source of infinite love, of non-dual impartial love, a love that remains open and available whatever the pressure. This love is intrinsic to our buddha nature, to our capacity to ripen wisdom and compassion in the service of all. Given the ever increasing rate of change it can be useful to find a space of clarity and equanimity which allows us to participate in the world with minimal judgment and reactivity. We will look at how a non-dual understanding can help with this.”

Organised by Huw Wyn.

Recorded by Wendy Chozom   Sound editing by Gareth Williams.
Download the audio files here

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