Sweet Simplicity: Mahamudra doha songs

Sweet simplicity: mahamudra doha songs. James Low.  (Simply Being, UK, 2022) ISBN:‏ 9781739938154

The beautiful brief Buddhist songs in this book point towards the inexpressible sweet simplicity of our own minds. This simplicity is usually obscured by the complexity of our reified experience and the conceptual elaboration we employ to try to work out who we are and what our life is for.

The doha songs encourage us to turn towards our own minds as the ungraspable simplicity of the ever-present ground.

The dohas here arose from the minds of enlightened yogis in Eastern India during the 8th -10th centuries. The collection is referred to as the Asta Doha Kosa in Sanskrit, Do-Ha mDzod bgGyad in Tibetan. The collection is supplemented by the famous Mahamudra Aspiration prayer, also known as the Kunzang Monlam (Kun-Tu bZang-Poi sMon-Lam in Tibetan), written by the third Karmapa. The introduction and translation from Tibetan is by James Low.

You can read more about dohas and their history on the internet, for example at https://ambedkarcaravantimes.com/the-new-language-of-doha-saraha-kabir-and-drukpa/

Nemeth Tamás has translated the introduction to the book into Hungarian. You can read it Here. Finom egyszerűség – bevezető .



Section 1: The Eight Treasuries which Elucidate

The Essential Instructions on Mahamudra: the Doha Treasury of Mahamudra Instructions of Saraha 11

The Doha Treasury of Virupa. 21

The Doha Treasury of Tilopa 31

The Doha Treasury of Krishnapa/Nagpopa 35

View Meditation Conduct and Result: A Doha Song of Maitripa 39

The Ganges Mahamudra Essential Instruction of Tilopa. 43

Summary of the View of Naropa 51

Mahamudra in A Few Words by Maitripa 57

Section 2: Expression of Mahamudra

Sri Saraha Responds to The Questions of the Adept Maitripa 63

The Ganges Mahamudra Instruction given by Precious Tilopa to Naropa 69

Concise Words on Mahamudra of Naropa 77

Section 3: Mahamudra Aspiration

Aspiring for the Truth of Mahamudra by Rangjung Dorje, the Third Karmapa 83