Heart Sutra. Cologne, 1994

James Low. 12-13 March 1994 Download PDF “The instigation for the sutra comes from the Buddha who, in his meditation goes to Sariputra, prompting him to ask a question of Chenrezig. Chenrezig in turn is in his meditation as he replies to the questions. In this way the Buddha stimulates Sariputra to ask a question of Chenrezig, so the teaching […]

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The Nature of tantra. Bremen, Jan. 1994

The word tantra in Tibetan means continuity or connectedness. Traditionally this indicates the continuity of awareness through all the moments of experience. Awareness is like the open sky; clouds and sunshine and rockets pass through the sky, but the sky itself is open to all of them. That is to say the continuity of the sky, the sky-ness of the […]

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Buddhism and psychotherapy. Public Talk, Bremen, 1994

James Low Download PDF Bremen, Germany 29 January 1994 Transcribed by Liz Fox Unedited Excerpts “Our topic is psychotherapy and buddhism so I will start by saying something about the Buddhist understanding of the mind’s mental processes, and then reflect on that in relation to psychosis, anxiety and depression. After that we can look at whether there is any contribution […]

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