Open to life: the heart of awareness. Public Talk. Brighton, 2012

James Low Brighthelm Centre, Brighton, UK 2nd December 2012 Transcribed by Michelle Hughes Edited by James Low Dzogchen (the great perfection) is one of the most beautiful expressions of wisdom that has come from Tibet and India. Its essence points to the inherent freedom and clarity that is our natural state. Free from religious or spiritual dogma, it offers a […]

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Awakening in buddhism and psychotherapy. Milan, 2012

A talk for Psychotherapists at Noûs, Scuola di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia Cognitivo-Costruttivista, Milan. 9 November 2012. James Low Transcribed by Lingkhempa K. Dorje   Edited by James Low Download PDF Excerpts …Thoughts, feelings and sensations have no energy of their own. They are like balloons. They arrive inflated with the unpredictable creativity of the winds of the open infinite hospitality of the ground […]

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