The Seven Chapters of Prayer: as taught by Padma Sambhava of Urgyen, known in Tibetan as Le’u bDun Ma

In 1981 C R Lama wrote that “These prayers describe how … Padma Sambhava promises to come every morning with the rising sun and to come every tenth day of the lunar month and make himself visible to the people. The prayers give protection from war, disease, famine, difficult journeys, dangerous animals, earthquakes, troublesome yeti, robbers and authoritarian police, at […]

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The Illusory nature of experience [13]. Macclesfield, 2012

Transcribed by Sue Scott and Barbara Littler Edited by Wendy Chozom Click to read or download the PDF This teaching retreat can also be listened to on Audio. “…The body is a dynamic site of participation in the environment which is, itself, a dynamic unfolding.” “Time is not a possession that we own but we ourselves are always in the very […]

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Awakening in buddhism and psychotherapy. Milan, 2012

A talk for Psychotherapists Noûs, Scuola di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia Cognitivo-Costruttivista, Milan 9 November 2012 James Low Transcribed by Lingkhempa K. Dorje Edited by James Low Download and read the PDF Excerpts …Thoughts, feelings and sensations have no energy of their own. They are like balloons. They arrive inflated with the unpredictable creativity of the winds of the open infinite […]

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