Introduction to Dzogchen. Zoom, March 2021

James Low An Introduction to Dzogchen 31 March 2021 Zoom talk given for Oxford Internal Arts at the request of Gio Maschio. The talk explains the traditional categories of View, Meditation, Conduct (sometimes referred to as Action, or Path) and Result. Then follows advice about sitting meditation and the transition from formal meditation to moving out into the world (sometimes […]

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Keep it simple: dzogchen in daily life. Brighton, May 2007

Because our life is nothing but moments, events, arising and passing, arising and passing. All that we’ve ever done is gone. Our childhood is gone. We can remember it, we can tell stories about it, but it’s gone. Even our breakfast is gone. Everything is gone. If we really see that, then when we tell people about ourselves, about our past, we’re just inviting them to fall asleep with us. We’re saying, ‘I had a lovely dream, let me share it with you. You can fall asleep in my dream for a while and then, because I believe in reciprocity, I’ll fall asleep in yours.’

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