Seven Line Prayer Daily Practice

Dear friends, Starting today (17.03.2023), Milton and I are hosting the 7 line prayer daily at 8-9 am (Lisbon/London Time) dedicating it to all beings, and in particular to James Low, his health, his long life and his work. The link is below Love João Meeting ID: 537 574 4785 Passcode: light During the week 11-17 June use this […]

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A New book: The Open Door of Emptiness.

The Open Door of Emptiness is a new book of public talks and teachings prepared by Divya for Kindle.  It is available as a kindle e-book and as a kindle paperback book. James says “Although the word ‘emptiness’ can seem a bit intimidating, in the Buddhist traditions it is the key to freedom. Our mind is intrinsically empty of self […]

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Love your Mother

There are three sections to this book. The first section explores our origins and uses the clarity that arises from this to ease us out of our isolation.
The second section describes how we wander in samsara due to the de­pendent arising of the twelve links on the wheel of becoming.
The third section describes how we can use the teaching of the The Heart Sutra to awaken to emptiness.

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Tsa Tsa along the Camino de Santiago

The  Tsa Tsa are spreading out! João Vale Filho, the father of our sangha member João Vale Neto of Brazil, made and painted Tsa Tsa and he has now placed them along the ancient pilgrimage path, the camino de Santiago. May they spread everywhere!!!

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The Open Door of Emptiness

Although the word ‘emptiness’ can seem a bit intimidating, in the Buddhist traditions it is the key to freedom…. The chapters in this book offer fresh ways of viewing our situation so that we can awaken to our true essence and to freedom.

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