Clarity and equanimity. Emerson College, 2019

James Low

13 – 16 June 2019, Emerson College, East Sussex, UK

Clarity and equanimity in a time of provocation

The movement of our minds often leads to disturbance in the environment around us and likewise the disturbance in our environment provokes thoughts, feelings and many hopes and fears. Given the ever-increasing rate of change it can be useful to find a space of clarity and equanimity which allows us to participate in the world with minimal judgment and reactivity.
We will look at how a Buddhist understanding can help with this and practise meditation together.

English only

Recorded and prepared by Gareth Williams

Here is a poem James wrote during the retreat and read out. You can listen to James reading it on file number 11, starting exactly 02.28 and up to 03.34.

Download the audio files here

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