Love and impermanence. Warsaw, 2019

James Low
Love and impermanence: from grasping and attachment to simply seeing and appreciating

Teaching weekend, Warsaw, 14-15 December 2019

Transcribed by Anna Aly Labana and Paula Aranibar.

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The drama of romantic love: it’s not that we shouldn’t fall in love, some of us can’t help falling in love, but if you can catch it in the moment it is a movement of energy ⎼ a wish to engage in a dance, to have co-emergence, to have synergy. It may not last so very long but while it does last it is very fulfilling and life-affirming. However just as we don’t know what sensations will arise in our own body or what thoughts will arise in our own mind, so are other people also unpredictable. And when we say, ‘I love you’, this implies that there is a reliable ‘I’ to be relied on. ‘I will always be there for you’, but sometimes you are not available, not consistent, maybe just not in the mood…

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