Poetry from Ender Berg – in German

Ender Berg (aka Andreas Hackenberg ) from Berlin recently shared a piece of music he had written, inspired by and dedicated to James. He is very pleased with how well it has been received by the Sangha. He now writes that:

“This encourages me to offer another piece of my work: Dharma Poetry (in German).
Some of these are free adaptations of James’ poems from ‘Sparks’, others are inspired by Dharma texts in his translation, and still others come directly from my own practice.
In language, form and tone they resemble late 19th and early 20th century poetry, somewhat akin to Rilke and Morgenstern.
I have just started the blog and will add many more poems, and other writings, over time.

 This is the link: achtyogas.de/blog


We hope you enjoy his creativity.

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