The Delusion of Duality is the Basis for War. Article, October 2023.

James Low

19 October 2023

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in German by Robert Jaroslawski

in Portuguese by João Vale Neto and Mário César Rodrigues

…When we look at the news concerning the many conflicts and wars that rage in every corner of our world it is unlikely that the media channels will offer us a Dharma perspective on these tragedies. We are more likely to hear about innocent good people on one side and cruel terrorists on the other. Who decides which terms rightly apply to which group? Well, that will depend on the sources you choose, and your choice will reflect your affiliations, your attachments, your biases, and your prejudices…

…As a daily support, it is very useful to memorise The Four Immeasurables and to maintain their orientation when we are exposed to all the rigid beliefs which surround us…

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