Getting the most out of life. Szczecin, 2012

Public Talk in Szczecin, Poland.  27 Jan 2012 English only Audio-edited by Anne Conn. Recorded by Bartek Czajkowski. “I would like to talk a little about some concepts from Tibetan buddhism and how they might be useful for us in dealing with the difficulties of life. There are many different kinds of buddhism in existence, which take up different positions […]

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Open to life: the heart of awareness. Brighton, 2012

Public Talk, Brighton. 2 December 2012 “Dzogchen (The great perfection), is one of the most beautiful expressions of wisdom that has come from Tibet and India. Its essence points to the inherent freedom and clarity that is our natural state. Free from religious or spiritual dogma, it offers a way of being in the world that allows a deep sense […]

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Direct indication of buddhahood beyond classification. Berlin, 2012

Berlin 16-18 Nov 2012 Nuden Dorje and the Terma Tradition What is a terma text? What is the nature of the mind? James explores these questions, looking at the text ‘The Direct indication of buddhahood beyond classification’ by Nuden Dorje, included in Simply Being and now published in German. English and German Location: Berlin Date: 16-18 Nov 2012 Translation by Katya […]

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