Repelling all troubles: Commentary on dokpa practice text. Zoom, March 2022

Repelling all Troubles: a Commentary on the dokpa practice text. (The practice text is also called ‘Repelling all Troubles’.) Zoom, 3 March 2022. Transcribed by Paula Arinibar. Revised and enlarged by James Low 31 May 2022. Read and Download the Commentary in English in German Extract These are very troubled times. Events occur that show how very quickly a storm […]

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Repelling all troubles. The Dokpa practice text

To read the practice text open the PDF. in English in German translated by Robert Jaroslawski in Polish translated by Janek Szlagowski in Portuguese translated by João Vale Neto in Turkish translated by Ezgi Atanassova and Mustafa Mert Çelebi … we can recite the following short text to enliven our Dharma understanding and use the power of non-duality set out in […]

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