Heart Sutra. Cologne, 1994

James Low. 12-13 March 1994 Download PDF “The instigation for the sutra comes from the Buddha who, in his meditation goes to Sariputra, prompting him to ask a question of Chenrezig. Chenrezig in turn is in his meditation as he replies to the questions. In this way the Buddha stimulates Sariputra to ask a question of Chenrezig, so the teaching […]

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Cutting free without losing anything. Berlin 2011

JAMES LOW Retreat, BERLIN, 6TH-8th MAY 2011 James begins by saying that “This weekend we are going to look at emptiness in relation to awareness, and hopefully gain some sense of the illusory nature of existence, thereby giving us more ease in the world.” The pre-retreat publicity added that he would be looking at “…chöd practice and the dzogchen view of […]

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