The Healing power of emptiness. Public Talk. Tallinn, 2013

James Low.

Based on a public talk given in Tallinn, Estonia on 20th September 2013.

Translations of The Heart Sutra and The Jewel Cloud Sutra are included at the end.

Emptiness is the heart of the Heart Sutra, the radical text revealing the infinite view of mahayana Buddhism. It is itself a continuation of the tradition of disrupting assumptions,a tradition which is central to the unfolding of Buddhism and is manifest in the life of Gautama Buddha. 

Transcribed by Vivian Bohl and edited by James Low.

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Our assumptions sing a gentle lullaby and seduce us into dreaming our way through life.

The interdependence and mutual validation of words parallels the interdependence and mutual validation of the phenomena we encounter. Words need other words to give them meaning. Moments need other moments to give them meaning. Yet both are constructs, relative truths operating within the play of comparing and contrasting.

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