Teaching on the Heart Sutra. Umbusi, Estonia, 2013 [2020]

James Low

Weekend teaching retreat, 20-22 Sept 2013

Umbusi (a village outside Tallinn), Estonia

Transcribed by Camel Chhimed Wangpo and by Nele Rubis

Edited by James Low Oct 2020

The English translation of the Heart Sutra is included.

Read the transcript in English

Contents Page
  • The Heart Sutra The heart of perfect liberating transcendental wise discerning
  • An overview of the issues
  • Meditation: a release from endless preoccupations
  • Teaching dharma is an aspect of compassion
  • Four Noble Truths
  • Don’t be a leaky bucket
  • Freeing ourselves from our assumptions
  • The Three Kayas: the ripe presence of a buddha’s enlightenment
  • As soon as we learn to speak, we learn to lie
  • The Heart Sutra
  • Three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma
  • Five Skandhas
  • Wise discerning
  • Movement
  • Emptiness and form
  • The focus of meditation is the non-duality of stillness and movement
  • Free of signs
  • Free of stains
  • Listing all the empty occurrences: the Three Wheels
  • The emptiness of the Twelve Nidanas
  • Even the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths are empty!
  • Transcendental wise discerning
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