Heart Sutra. Cologne, 1994

James Low. 12-13 March 1994

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Sariputra and Chenrezig perhaps?

Sariputra and Chenrezig perhaps?

“The instigation for the sutra comes from the Buddha who, in his meditation goes to Sariputra, prompting him to ask a question of Chenrezig. Chenrezig in turn is in his meditation as he replies to the questions. In this way the Buddha stimulates Sariputra to ask a question of Chenrezig, so the teaching that then arises, arises out of the state of meditation.
This indicates to us very clearly this is not some kind of mental activity that gives rise to this statement of the Heart Sutra, but that the words are a direct revealing of the profound understanding of Chenrezig from his meditation on the emptiness of the five skandhas. “


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