Love your Mother

There are three sections to this book. The first section explores our origins and uses the clarity that arises from this to ease us out of our isolation.
The second section describes how we wander in samsara due to the de­pendent arising of the twelve links on the wheel of becoming.
The third section describes how we can use the teaching of the The Heart Sutra to awaken to emptiness.

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Repelling all troubles. The Dokpa practice text

New Translation: En particular, podemos recitar los siguientes textos breves para avivar nuestra comprensión del Dharma y utilizar el poder de la no-dualidad expuesto en el Sutra del Corazón para repeler los engaños dualistas del agresor. Translated into Spanish by Isabel Defez. Uploaded 15 02 2023

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Why emptiness is liberating. London, 2016

James Low,  teaching in London on 25 February 2016 at the invitation of Shang Shung Institute. “Awakening to the fact of there being nothing frees us from the endless quest for something. Our problem is the seeming ‘thing-ness’ of things, our sense that we exist as some-‘thing’ in a world of many different ‘things’. The reification which imputes a real […]

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Heart Sutra

Translated by C.R. Lama and James Low in 1978. Revised by James Low, August 2013 Download PDF of Heart Sutra in English Download PDF of Heart Sutra  in Portuguese Download PDF of Heart Sutra in German

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The Heart Sutra. Emerson College, 2014

James Low Emerson College, East Sussex, UK. July 4-6th 2014 This annual camping retreat in  the grounds of Emerson College in East Sussex  is organised by Huw Wyn. James begins by saying that, “Tomorrow we will start looking at the Heart Sutra, one of the Buddha’s first teachings on emptiness or the natural openness of all phenomena, and then we will […]

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