The Healing power of emptiness. Public Talk. Tallinn, 2013

Emptiness is the heart of the Heart Sutra, the radical text revealing the infinite view of mahayana Buddhism. It is itself a continuation of the tradition of disrupting assumptions,a tradition which is central to the unfolding of Buddhism and is manifest in the life of Gautama Buddha…
…The Heart Sutra is encouraging us towards a deconstruction or unloosening or divesting of the assumptions which stop us from being open to what is here. This opens the direct revealing of the middle way between mere nothingness and real substance. We’re not glued onto things, believing that they are truly real, nor are we trying to develop a protective space, an isolation and avoidance. Rather, by staying relaxed, open and present, we will find our manifest presence shaping itself usefully and harmoniously within the non-dual emergent field.

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