The Delusion of Duality is the Basis for War. Article, October 2023.

New Text: …When we look at the news concerning the many conflicts and wars that rage in every corner of our world it is unlikely that we will encounter a Dharma perspective on these tragedies. We hear about innocent good people on one side and cruel terrorists on the other. Who decides which terms to apply to which group? Also Translated in German and Portuguese. Uploaded 15 Nov 2023

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Repelling all troubles. The Dokpa practice text

New Translation: En particular, podemos recitar los siguientes textos breves para avivar nuestra comprensión del Dharma y utilizar el poder de la no-dualidad expuesto en el Sutra del Corazón para repeler los engaños dualistas del agresor. Translated into Spanish by Isabel Defez. Uploaded 15 02 2023

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