The Trinity of Revelation: Dang, Rolpa and Tsal. Eifel, 2001, Revised 2023

The Trinity of Revelation: Dang, Rolpa and Tsal
James Low

This text was extracted from the end of the Eiffel Retreat, October 2001 and greatly revised by James Low, July 2023.

“To be aware of these Three Modes of Revelation is very important for practice …. They are a trinity of potentiality rather than three separate things or functions. They are the means by which experience is revealed so we benefit from observing them in our practice.”

“The sole basis of everything is inconceivable and ungraspable. From it arise two paths or ways: the way of awareness and the way of unawareness. Unfortunately, we are more familiar with the way of unawareness. Due to this, we imagine that we are individual entities living in a world of individual entities. However, this identity is unstable and is influenced by internal events (such as thoughts, moods and memories) and by external events (such as attacks or welcomes).”

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