Eifel Retreat Autumn 2006

The retreat held in Eifel on 19-22 October 2006 is available to be listened on our online player.  Press play on the tracks below to start listening.


A key thing in dzogchen is to maintain the focus on being present and to understand what that means. When we do a practice like calming the mind, in which we meditate with a simple focus, we become aware of the mind as a kind of movement; something is always going on. Usually we either fall into the movement, or we try to stand apart from the movement. In meditation with focus, we are trying to separate off from the movement, to keep our consciousness uninterrupted, unresponsive to various stimuli that arise. Of course, in ordinary life we have to respond to the various stimuli that arise, but from the point of view of dzogchen, we want to find and live in the middle way, between fusing with arisings, or standing apart from arisings.


You can read the transcript in English

You can read the English transcript translated into German


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