Repelling all troubles: Commentary on dokpa practice text. Zoom, March 2022

Repelling all Troubles: a Commentary on the dokpa practice text.

(The practice text is also called ‘Repelling all Troubles’.)

Zoom, 3 March 2022.

Transcribed by Paula Arinibar. Revised and enlarged by James Low 31 May 2022.

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These are very troubled times. Events occur that show how very quickly a storm can arise and blow away everything we thought we knew. This kind of destruction has happened many times in history. There is no safety in samsara. This is the basic point of view of the buddhist teachings. Wherever you look all over the world all kinds of sudden disturbance occur by which the security of our prediction that ‘tomorrow will be like today’ is just blown away.  What is currently happening in Ukraine is a very extreme and vicious form of this, but the structure is basically the same.  Our dualistic tendency to privilege our group over all others is the root of all suffering. The sequence of simple practices set out here is an effective method of unifying the wisdom of emptiness with the skilful means of kindness to all.

Audio recording.

The Dokpa text is on the website here translated into several languages.


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