Mindful therapy. Hereford, 2011

A workshop for practising therapists organised by Jennifer French James Low Hereford, 18 November 2011 Transcribed by Kathleen Brady RevisedĀ and edited by James Low Download PDF “Our open heart touching and opening the heart of the other. This is non-dual contact, the meeting of sky with sky, the heart of Buddhist ethics.” Contents Beliefs and assumptions, a Buddhist perspective Mind […]

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The Two truths: a dzogchen view. Frankfurt, 1995

James Low Frankfurt, March 1995 Download PDF The Paradoxical Double-Move of Tantra The Teacher Student Relationship The Two Truths: Relative Truth and Absolute Truth Finding what is a good fit for you Pure Relative Truth Deconstructing our assumptions Impure Relative Truth: seeing things as real and attachment to them Dzogchen and the Two Truths Thoughts arising in Shamatha meditation Thoughts […]

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