The Cuckoo’s cry. Granada, 2014

Emptiness and dzogchen With reference to a text by Vairocana, called “The Cuckoo’s Cry Heralding the Good Fortune of Glorious Presence”

31st October – 2nd November 2014. Granada, Spain

Transcribed by Marie Guillemin
Revised by James Low
Read or download the transcript here.
Note: The transcriber laid out what James said into lines like in a poem. James decided to retain her style of layout as he thought that some people might appreciate it.
The video recording of this teaching can be watched at here.

That lying cheating moon –
She has no light of her own,
Deceitful entrepreneur,
She takes the light from the sun, repackages it
And sends it down onto the earth for romantic people to swoon under!
The ego is like the moon;
The ego has no light of its own
It is repackaging the light of awareness.
Now, this is not a bad thing to do
But we do need to know that the light source is not the ego.

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