Cutting free without losing anything. Berlin, 2011

James Low


Transcribed by Jo Féat
Edited by Barbara Terris

The transcript can be read here in English
An extract about Chöd, revised by James Low, can be read

in English

in German


The audio can be listened to here in German and English

The  more we do this practice, the more we become aware
of the very subtle thoughts which maintain the sense of a separate self. In the traditional text they are described as being like a water meadow: a very flat meadow which often has a dip in the middle with a soft small river running underneath the ground…

… . Don’t try very hard. Your effort is not necessary. In fact, your effort is part of the problem. From the very beginning the mind is pure so just relax in that natural purity and when activity wants to arise and create new patterns allow this to go on like a dance of fireflies in the sky…


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