New Polish Book. To Jest To

This Is It has been translated into Polish by Jan Szlagowski as To Jest To and published by Konrad Switała, (August 2023). Details how how to buy it are here: This is It – James Low | Warszawa | Kup teraz na Allegro Lokalnie. Konrad has designed a lovely new cover and has had 50 copies printed.  If you would […]

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Easy Does It

Easy Does It: Buddhist teachings on letting go of anxiety and attachment  James Low (Simply Being, UK, Jul 2023) Kindle Paperback ISBN: 978-1739457204 Kindle Hardback ISBN:  978-1739457228 Kindle ebook ASIN: B0CDDGSNQY The ten teachings in this book provide a buddhist account of the formation of attachment and anxiety and show how we can release ourselves from involvement in their deluding intensity. By […]

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Questions and Answers 1-5

During the lockdown of COVID-19 James Low began a series of Question and Answer sessions on Zoom. His students sent in questions about their meditation practice, and about their understanding of Dzogchen and Buddhism, in particular Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. Their questions and his responses are in this book.

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Love Your Mother. A new book.

Love your Mother. James Low. (UK, Simply Being, June 2023) ISBN:  978-1739938185 It is available as a Kindle Paperback book and as a Kindle ebook. Where do we come from? What is the true source of our life?  Ever-fertile emptiness, the ever-fertile mother of everything, is symbolised by the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, the essence of the wisdom of emptiness that is […]

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Love your Mother

There are three sections to this book. The first section explores our origins and uses the clarity that arises from this to ease us out of our isolation.
The second section describes how we wander in samsara due to the de­pendent arising of the twelve links on the wheel of becoming.
The third section describes how we can use the teaching of the The Heart Sutra to awaken to emptiness.

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The Open Door of Emptiness

Although the word ‘emptiness’ can seem a bit intimidating, in the Buddhist traditions it is the key to freedom…. The chapters in this book offer fresh ways of viewing our situation so that we can awaken to our true essence and to freedom.

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Meravigliosa Semplicità

Ilaria Corti has translated James Low’s book  Sweet Simplicity into Italian [March 2023] You can download the PDF file here. It has not been published. The back cover of the book reads, in Italian: Canti mahamudhra doha   Gli splendidi testi brevi presentati in questo libro sono rivolti all’inesprimibile, meravigliosa semplicità della nostra mente. Semplicità che solitamente viene oscurata dalla […]

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