Here is a question we all must ask,Oh, how did this happen to me?For this aged weary bodyWas once so young and free. Life is so precious andIt is over so fastSo find your true mind,This chance won’t last. Rest in the unchangingLet thoughts pass awayAll forms are impermanentYou can’t make them stay Now is the only momentTo find the […]

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Face to face

Facing the mystery of the face.  Face to Face Facing your face, receiving infinity, You are ceaselessly revealing As each moment of revelation unravels effortlessly Receiving this I am slipped free of the fetter of agency And find myself within unbounded revelation: You and I safely beyond our habitual assimilation into Concepts we have about each other Too vast and […]

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Funken, 2016

”Sparks” [Funken] is a selection of poems and short writings by James Low on various dharma topics. They can be read in any order. The first 29 have been translated by Kate Egetmeyer into German under the helpful guidance of Lea Pabst.  Download or read a PDF of Sparks (Funken) in German Download or read a PDF of Sparks (Funken) in English

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