The Expansive oral instructions of … Chetsangpa Ratna Sri Buddhi

New Text: These revised translations were prepared for Zoom teachings in 2021. Originals are included in his book Simply Being, Chapter 1. Uploaded 23 01 2021. Hungarian by Németh Tamás added to the other translations 28 01 2021

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The Cuckoo’s Cry heralding the good fortune of glorious presence. By Vairocana

Translated by James Low The Cuckoo’s Cry Heralding the Good Fortune of Glorious Presence. Rig Pa’i Khu Byug. By Vairocana. The title is translated by others in many different terms including “The Song of the cuckoo” and “The Cuckoo’s cry of awareness”. As the cuckoo’s cry is the harbinger of spring so the six verses of the Cuckoo’s Cry introduce the […]

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