Ayu Khandro’s heart-felt advice

“The Record of the Heart-felt Advice of the Dakini, Indestructible Glorious Lamp” translated from the Tibetan into various languages James has taught on this text by the Tibetan yogini, Ayu Khandro (also spelled Ayo Khandro),  in various countries at various times (see below). Read the Tibetan textRead the text in English. The English text is included in Finding Freedom: Texts from […]

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Creativity and meditation. Tuscany, 1994

James Low Creativity and meditation Tuscany, Italy One Week Summer Camp, August 1994   Download and Read the transcript: in English in German in Italian Excerpts That is why the start of the meditation—the clear blue sky—is a new beginning for everything. And the middle is a further dispersal of the old, the solid, the enduring. The end of the […]

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