Illusion, Delusion and Confusion. 3 days, London, 2020

James Low

Shang Shung Institute, London. March 13, 2020.

Public Talk, 13 March 2020

Teaching Weekend 14-15 March 2020

The theme for this evening, for tomorrow and the half-day on Sunday is the same. It’s really about four aspects that move together: 1) magic, 2) illusion, 3) delusion, and 4) confusion. They are not so very different one from another and they are each at the heart of the buddhist understanding.

Transcribed by Kate Egetmeyer and Anna Aly Labana

Edited by Divya Gupta and Barbara Terris

Download English transcript of all 3 days.

Download English transcript of Public Talk.

German translation of Public Talk by Frank Sandschulte.  Illusion, Verblendung und Verwirrung.

YouTube video for the Public Talk:

YouTube video for the Public Talk and retreat:

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